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Welcome to Copper Wire USA®

Copper Wire USA® is an online store featuring a collection of copper wire materials perfect for making fine jewelry. Our products are available for shipping both locally and internationally.

We only sell US-made and high-quality materials to jewelry makers and producers. Using these guarantees fine, excellent products that your clients will love.

Complete Selection of Quality Wire Materials

Our online store provides the wires you need. These materials are essential when making your desired jewelry design and accessories. From brass and copper to nickel and silver wires, we have the supplies you are looking for.

Here are some of the wires we have at our store:

Nickel Silver Round Wires

Round and Square Copper Wires

Red Brass Round Wires

Solid Bronze Round Wires

Solid Bare Copper Wires

Yellow Brass Round Wires

And More

Be a Supplier to Jewelry Makers

If you also want to dive into the jewelry-making industry but don’t want to produce the actual pieces, you can be a wholesaler. Order the wire materials in bulk and sell them in large quantities at low prices to jewelry makers.